Making Things in America = U.S. Jobs

By: Julie Reiser, President & Co-Founder of Made in USA Certified, Inc.

“Making things in America” creates U.S. jobs and there is no question that the number one issue facing our Nation right now is the creation of U.S. jobs. The American Economy is in crisis and millions of people are out of work and hurting.  “Made in USA” is becoming a beacon of light to many.

As a woman that travels this Nation talking to U.S. manufacturers, producers and service providers in big cities and small towns, I am constantly struck by the overwhelming consensus by most Americans that “Made in USA” is not only the right thing to do, but, it may be one of the last vestiges of hope we have for re-building our American economy and creating jobs.

In the last month, I have been to big cities like; Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia and New York City.  I have also traveled to small rural, farming towns like Hayesville, North Carolina and Indiantown, FL.  Across the board – city folks, country folks, rich and poor all see the importance of buying local, regionally and “Made in USA”.  It is a grassroots movement that has garnered immense steam over the last few years and has really taken a hold of the American psyche in almost every corner of this great nation.  It bridges over socioeconomic and political ideology.

At the major trade shows I have attended recently, there is a new noticeable pride in the commentary that a company’s products are “Made in USA”.  I hear amazing stories of creativity, perseverance, innovation, pride and resilience.  I am constantly inspired by the ability of Americans to continue to see areas for improvement and innovation as well as their steely determination to provide for their families and create thriving businesses despite the overwhelming challenges this economy offers.

Company after company will tell me of their fierce commitment to sourcing components here and manufacturing domestically.  They proudly detail all the many reasons why it is important to them.  They talk of the American families they employ, train, care for and help with good salaries and health benefits. How those U.S. dollars are then re-cycled in our economy with consumer goods purchases, food, gas, investment and housing.  The pride I see and hear is palpable and I am overjoyed to have a front row seat to witness to it.

Even on the back roads of America, in the rural, farming communities we saw the American Spirit alive and well.  We came face to face with innovative, determined, resilient Americans fighting hard to create new ways of revenue and business even in economically depleted and desolate areas.

Local food stands, artists and shopkeepers all talking about the importance of “Buying American” and supporting our communities.  Some of the wisest comments I heard in my travels were from the down home, small town folks that so, deeply and personally understood the importance of supporting our own communities, people and businesses.

Quite simply—Making things in America = U.S. jobs!…………It really is just that simple!

Julie Reiser, President & Co-Founder of Made in USA Certified, Inc. which is an independent, non-partisan, leading third party certification company for the Made in USA, Product of USA and Service in USA claims.

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